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  1. The purpose of this website is NOT TO PROVIDE FINANCIAL OR ANY OTHER ADVICE, but to present my own 2,5 years of experience with D.AI.SY.

  2. The information on this website is from the past and therefore in no way predicts the future. You are advised to do your own research and analysis at your own risk before making any decisions.“



1. how to earn sustainable, weekly/monthly passive profits and

2. own equity in real world projects that are built to last!

It’s a one-off financing that you don’t have to deal with and learn on a daily basis.

Through D.AI.SY crowdfunding, you can acquire an equity stake in the EndoTech fintech company, which can be highly profitable in the medium to long term, and share in the daily returns from automated test trading in the Forex market, which can provide significant INCOME on a weekly basis.

What exactly is D.AI.SY?

D.AI.SY – in November 2023 – is an international equity crowdfunding platform (smart contract on a blockchain) with a community of over 222+ thousand people. Through crowdfunding, the development and testing of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems is supported, benefiting every participant in the form of reward, equity and income. The actual development of the AI systems is carried out by the internationally renowned company EndoTech.

There’s nothing new to learn, nothing to sell, no business to manage.

All you have to do is JOIN and become a D.AI.SY member, and everything is done for you.


  1. In my 2.5 years of D.AI.SY experience, the owners‘ fair attitude, openness, putting their face forward, not passing the buck, keeping their word and speaking out, remains unique in the sector.
  2. Company Endotech and Dr. Anna Becker are a guarantee for me in terms of professionalism and financial return/profit – through positive AI trading and Endotech shares.
  3. Potential for compound interest (results so far show 2-20% per month). The big advantage of compound interest is that your savings grow exponentially, i.e. at an accelerating rate.
  4. Possibility to request the generated returns on a weekly basis (from Friday evening to Sunday evening). The requested return will be credited to the TRON wallet on Monday in USDT.
  5. Opportunity to own an equity stake in fintech company EndoTech (https://endotech.io), which could be monetized through an IPO in December 2024 according to their current plans.

Eighth Wonder of the World –

compound interest

The big advantage of compound interest is that your savings grow exponentially, i.e. at an accelerating rate.

Rewards from Forex AI test trading

In first 19 months of Forex AI development and test trading, a gross system yield of 1213% (compound interest) has been achieved!

All 19 months of testing as well as the returns were therefore positive. Remember that results achieved are no guarantee of future returns!

On the pictures below you can see how the available Forex returns have developed/are developing (The last column shows the monthly returns!). Most of the big fund managers have produced negative returns for their clients during the period shown, while D.AI.SY has remained in the positive returns range throughout!

Equity in EndoTech

Facebook, Google, Amazon… the giants who, thanks to the Internet, have become the largest and most profitable companies in the world. Who wouldn’t want to be at the beginning, when with a minimal investment everybody could buy shares in these companies that today have a huge value.

According to Microsoft and many experts, following years will be the years for companies developing artificial intelligence.  One such company is fintech company EndoTech (https://endotech.io), which, among other things, is developing and testing artificial intelligence for foreign exchange trading with excellent results. It is believed that in the next internet era (web3) fintech/artificial intelligence companies will lay the foundations for successful companies like Facebook and Google.

Depending on the amount of crowdfunding, it is possible to acquire an equity in Endotech.


  • D.AI.SY can provide rewards from AI testing, an equity in EndoTech, and referral fees where applicable (but is not a condition of participation in D.AI.SY).
  • D.AI.SY is not a company, it is a smart contract running on a blockchain to provide community finance (not a financial product) with 100% transparency and decentralisation.
  • D.AI.SY is currently open to private members, as evidenced by the growing international community. Companies can only participate indirectly through their owners.
  • D.AI.SY’s service partner is the globally prominent fintech company EndoTech (https://endotech.io).
  • Co-founder of EndoTech – Dr. Anna Becker with 20+ years of professional experience
  • Outstanding trading results even in this negative, recession-inflationary economic environment. As with all trading there is no guarantee of returns.
  • Compound interest rate opportunity.
  • Depending on level of crowdfunding, Endotech equity stake in addition to potential returns.
  • Earned returns can be paid out up to weekly. In this case, however, the long term power of compound interest (when the interest earned also accrues) does not apply.
  • D.AI.SY WHITE PAPER – https://daisycrowd.com/endotech/
    • D.AI.SY web – https://daisycrowd.com

    If you have any questions, suggestions regarding the D.AI.SY project, please contact me by email.